I'm speaking at the Linking Your Thinking Conference 2023!

Hey there.

I hope you've had a great week. Last week, I was in Copenhagen for a Post Malone concert. We had a great time visiting the capital of Denmark & had a ton of fun at the concert.

I'm speaking at the Linking Your Thinking Conference 2023!

Linking Your Thinking Conference 2023

Last year I was watching the LYT Conference and learning a ton from the incredible people in the PKM space. Like last year, there are a ton of interesting talks scheduled. I'm looking forward to listening & learning again.

But this time, I'll also be one of the speakers.
I'm super excited to share some of my knowledge, and I'm already hard at work preparing, so I can share the best of what I’ve learned - and how you can utilize it for yourself.

My talk is going to be about how I'm using AI in Obsidian.
I'll be sharing my screen and showcasing how I'm using AI in my daily work, and why it's such a massive productivity boost for me.

My talk is on Friday, May 5th, at 9AM pacific.

What I've made for you

Blog postAI Assistant for Obsidian
Following the last edition of this newsletter, I polished the AI Assistant I built for Obsidian and integrated it directly into the QuickAdd plugin.

This blog post describes how to set everything up for yourself, plus my own workflows, prompts, and setup.

I'm super excited by how well this was received. It quickly shot up to be amongst my most popular posts. It was also featured in Ben's Bites, a daily newsletter about what's going on in AI — which I have been following for quite a while. Thanks, Ben!


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